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 Daniel's Artwork

Daniel Dociu

A video game art director, concept artist and the chief art director for NCsoft North America
Terryl's Artwork

Terryl Whitlatch

An accomplished scientifically- and academically-trained illustrator who extensively studied vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy
Marko's Artwork

Marco Menco

An independent illustrator and traditional sculptor for theater’s scenographies.


 Raphael's Artwork

Raphael Lacoste

VES award winner and Art Director at Ubisoft on Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed
Steven's Artwork

Steven Chen

A Weta Digital as a concept artist
Younger's Artwork

Younger Yang

An experienced concept artist worked on games including Sleeping Dogs, Age of Empire, and many others.


 Matt's Artwork

Matt Tkocz

He is a concept designer and film illustrator working in the film industry in Los Angeles, California
 Daryl's Artwork

Daryl Mandryk

With 11 years of experience creating art professionally for games, He is a freelance artist specializing in the entertainment industry.
Stuart's Artwork

Stuart Ng

Talent comic artist worked on games such as Sleeping Dogs, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Army of Two, and League of Legends.
Anthony's Artwork

Anthony Jones

A substantial senior concept artist experienced in character, environment, and weapon designs.
Luke's Artwork

Luke Wakeford

A modeler and sculptor working in the Visual Effects industry since 2010
Robin's Artwork

Robin Chyo

A concept artist who has been creating artwork for the entertainment industry for the past 9 years.
Pierre's Artwork

Pierre Bourgeot

Lead character artist with over 9 years of experience working in the Game & Film industry
Andrew's Artwork

Andrew Domachowski

A Senior Concept Artist working at Microsoft Studios on various projects and titles from television, film and video games.
Dan Cox's Artwork

Dan Cox

Dan Cox is a Visual Effects Society Award winning artist/supervisor
Dan Roarty's Artwork

Dan Roarty

A Lead Character Artist at Microsoft on 'Gears of War'.
Jeff's Artwork

Jeff Chamberlain

Cinematic Director and VFX Supervisor at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California.
Jim's Artwork

Jim Jiang

Jim has been with Blizzard for over eight years serving as rigging lead on numerous prerendered cinematics.
Sam's Artwork

Sam Yang

Sam Yang, has worked in the video game industry for 8 years



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